How to select a computer for music production

BLOG You might be searching for a computer to record and produce music with. Perhaps you already have the gear for music production, such as microphones, speakers, and keyboards. Ask yourself: what should a computer used for digital music production be comprised of? We want...


Sound Engineers: What they do and how to become one in India

BLOG Sound Engineer: What It Is and What Kind Of Subspecialty Can One Work InA sound engineer (also called an audio engineer) is trained in technicalities of recording, reproducing and mixing sound. Sound engineers are different from sound producers, formers and writers, dealing with the...


A Complete Guide to Spotify For Artists

Spotify is a platform where music lovers can stream popular music and discover new artists as well. If you are a new artist, Spotify for Artists can help you to build a fanbase on their platform, gain insight about your fans, customize your presence and...


How to become a DJ in India

Being a DJ in India doesn’t mean just matching the beats or scratching over songs. You need to have a good understanding of music, beats, and rhythm. Being able to create a mix that your audience will love is not easy.Due to the advances in...


Top Music Production Challenges in 2019

Tackle Tricky Audio Concepts From receiver pickup examples to room acoustics to pressure, there is continually something we makers can study. Indeed, even now, with a time of music creation behind me, what I think about a generation is only a little cut of the...


Top Reasons Why DJs Should Learn To Produce Music

You Can Achieve Instant Global Recognition Online mix hosting services like Mix cloud have helped the mix tape pattern proceed into the digital era, and a few DJs have even blended their approach to a large number of fans. However, the most surefire approach to...


3 Tips for Aspiring Audio Engineers

Don’t Try to Do it All You don't need to do everything. When you start your career as a sound engineer, you may feel like you need to compose and play out your very own music, record and blend the tracks, deliver and ace your...


How to Avoid Ruining Your Mix with Muddy Sound?

Get it Right at the Source Your first line of protection against a sloppy blend begins before the blend procedure. There's a reason experienced specialists swear by "hitting the nail on the head the source." If you begin with tracks that effectively solid great, your...


5 Top Qualities to become a better Sound Engineering Professional

Don't Criticize Other Creative Works Remember that you are not a criticizer you are a professional sound engineer. The topic of the films or documentaries which you should work may not be treated by your point of view but rather don't attempt to be a...


4 Essential Tips for New Music Producers

Love and Respect Music This is the absolute most imperative component of making progress as a producer. In case you're simply in it for the guarantee of cash, allure, or notoriety, you're probably not going to accomplish any of those things. Love music and concede...


Best Tips to Make Your Daw Run Faster

Buffer Size While recording sound into your PC, the measure of time apportioned for handling the sound is known as the Buffer Size. Generally, a little buffer size is attractive. Notwithstanding not one that is excessively little as that winds up influencing the nature of...


What is the difference between a DJ and Producer

Many people who want to build a career in the music production industry often want to be a DJ or a music producer. If you are considering the same then you must understand the differences between DJ and Producer. Read below to know the difference...


What is mixing and mastering in music?

If you are trying to learn music production, you must have heard of the terms called ‘mixing’ and ‘mastering’. Mixing and mastering are two very important elements of music production because, without proper mixing and mastering, you cannot create a good music album. So, it...


How to become a Top Music Producer in India?

To be a good music producer in India or wherever you want, you have to love and truly respect music. If you only doing it for money and don’t have an interest in music, it won’t do you any good. Technology has changed drastically and...


What is the difference between a music producer and an audio engineer

The music industry has changed a lot in the last decade. Technology has given us the power to create music using nothing but our personal computers. According to the recent study, many people want to produce music nowadays instead of becoming singers.  If you love...


Is it hard to become a DJ?

Just like some experts say, DJing is like sex “anyone can do it……but only a few do it well”. DJing is not hard, but the question is, is it hard to do it well? Even learning to learn other instruments is hard. Meanwhile to play...