Serato Video DJ Course


Learn more about the Serato Video DJ Course offered by Spin Gurus.

Video DJing in India has seen a growth in recent years. It’s is a type of DJing that incorporates music videos into a set. While the DJ is playing, music videos that correspond to the song playing will play as the visuals behind them. Once the song transitions into another, the music video will do the same. Video DJing is a fun and unique way of using visuals in a set.

Course Content

  • Introduction to Serato
  • Setting up the Hardware
  • Importing files to the Serato DJ Library
  • Analysing Crates, Playlist and iTunes Library
  • Detecting BPM, Track info using Crates
  • Different display modes
  • Introduction to Basic DJ Skills
  • Setting up the Cue Points
  • Add / Delete Cue Points
  • Auto Looping of Audio files
  • Manual Loop Roll
  • Manual Beat Matching
  • Simple, Smart & Tempo Sync
  • Activating Built in FX
  • Using Single, Multiple FX Modes
  • Recording Mixes
  • Setting up of Screen
  • Calibrating Decks
  • Launching Serato Video
  • Setting up the Video Output Window
  • Launching the Serato Video interface
  • Adding Video files to Serato DJ Library
  • Linking Up faders & Cross Faders
  • Creating & using Text Effect Animation
  • Video & Image Effects Overview
  • Advanced Troubleshooting
  • Video Formats and Codecs


Depends whether the student attends regular, alternate or weekend classes.

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