Just like some experts say, DJing is like sex “anyone can do it……but only a few do it well”. DJing is not hard, but the question is, is it hard to do it well? Even learning to learn other instruments is hard. Meanwhile to play is much harder. So it is essential to take DJ Training Course from a reputable DJ Academy.

However, to be precise DJing is hard to learn and also it fairly depends on what style of DJ you want to be and what kind of equipment you propose to use. There are so many people who say there is a lot more to DJing than what they thought, and there is always so much to be learnt in DJ courses even for those that are experienced DJs.

Hence there are modern DJ software and decks that are made with a Sync button, and this is what most people think does the magic. We can tell you for free that it does not. All it does in some cases is to make sure that bars and beats are in line and also to adjust the tempo, so your tracks are ready to beatmatch. However, the work of the DJ still lies in selecting compatible tracks, reading it and playing it to the crowd, also select suitable moments to mix the next track and also do proper ‘phrasing.’ Phrasing is an important skill for beatmatching, which is rare, and most people do not think about before getting started. The work of the DJ does not end there; he still has to mix or finish the last track in a numerous number of ways and if you are willing to be a creative DJ you will need to use all tricks, tools, new and classic techniques available to you and also at the right time. The list is just endless from loops to creative EQing and fading, effects, wordplay, linking tracks together in context, cue points, scratching, and harmonic mixing and so on.

Someone might want to say it is hard to DJ, once you attend the right DJ Course, and when you can participate in the necessary training, you are on your road to making it all easy, DJing to you will be nothing but a piece of cake.

DJing is about how well you do it, but doing it well requires some level of skill set, frequent practice confidence and proper understanding of the equipment. So anyone who has no prior knowledge of DJing who thinks it’s so easy to put out excellent songs and to play in front of a crowd will likely falter if they try it, so if you want to be a DJ and wherever you intend to play (in a club or a live audience) it takes a skill set, knowledge, and experience to build to this, it might also see you managing musical equipment, sound system all at the same time. As scary as this might sound it is always fun and challenging. Don’t mind those that claim that computer does it all, or using software makes it all automated. It is how you entertain and connect with your audience is what matters.