To be a good music producer in India or wherever you want, you have to love and truly respect music. If you only doing it for money and don’t have an interest in music, it won’t do you any good. Technology has changed drastically and made it easy to produce music but the path to achieving success is still just as hard and the competition is now more than ever.

Read below to learn how you can become a Top Music Producer in India.

1. Learn to play a musical instrument

Playing a musical instrument can help you ingrain practical knowledge about music which is impossible if you only read books on music theory. Whether it be a guitar, a piano or a keyboard or even a violin, all of these will help you attain an intimate understanding of music.

2. Learn to use a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)

As a beginner, you don’t need to invest in costly audio equipment or soundboards. You can simply download a popular DAW software like Ableton Live or FL Studio. Modern DAWs are very powerful. You can record your audio, tweak it to match and mix it with your music, arrange the whole track beautifully, and master the whole song, all with the help of a single DAW.

3. Listen to a variety of songs

Producing a song has a learning curve and it can take a lot of learning and testing to figure out what works and what doesn’t work. However, if you regularly listen to a wide range of music, you will develop a good ear for music and it can help you differentiate between a good tune and bad tune more effectively.

Listening to other genres of music can also help fuel your creativity and make it easy for you to create extraordinary music.

4. Join a professional Music Production Academy

You can find a lot of free music production lessons on YouTube and these can help you to some extent. However, to become a professional music producer, you need to join a professional music production academy. Learning alongside fellow music lovers and getting personal attention at professional music production academy in the industry will help you learn the best practices of music production and help you improve more rapidly.

When you set foot in the music production industry initially, people are gonna be sceptical and it can be difficult to get your first project. You need to have references aside from having a good portfolio.

A good music production academy will have connections with various artists and music labels. By joining a good music production academy, you can leverage their connection and gain an advantage over your competitors.

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