Complete DJ Course


Learn DJing with most advanced techniques including harmonic mixing and Pioneer rekordbox software. This course has all the ingredients to enable you to master the technique of DJing. Classes are taught by professional DJs on the latest by Pioneer DJ. At the end of the course, students may get the opportunity to play at some of the best Indian and International clubs.

Job Description

The job of a DJ is to play music at one or various venues including but not limited to – bars, nightclubs, radio stations, school dances and weddings. DJs have a real love for music and are extremely knowledgeable about their preferred genre to ensure the crowd is pleased and on the dance floor.

Career Opportunities

To be a successful DJ, you must make connections with the right people and establish and build up a network. The majority of DJs attain a job by networking before they build their fan base. There are three traits successful DJs have:

  1. 1. Ability to set themselves apart from other DJs
  2. 2. Extensive knowledge about the music and genre they’re interested in
  3. 3. Passionate about their music and career choice

It’s not uncommon for today’s DJs to be music producers – individuals who produce music of their own. By doing so, fans can get a greater understanding of the style and stay competitive in the industry.

Course Content

  • Introduction to the DJ Industry
  • Introduction to Equipment
  • Introduction to different Music Genres
  • Connecting Equipment
  • Tune Structure
  • Cueing Techniques
  • Counting Beats, Bars and Phrases
  • Beat Matching
  • EQ Settings
  • Mixing different styles of music
  • Analyze and detect the key of tracks for perfect Harmonic Mixes
  • Using Pioneer’s rekordbox software to prepare your music
  • How to play using music stored inside smartphones and tablets
  • Digital DJing with rekordbox DJ
  • Record your first DJ Set using Ableton Live
  • Tips and advice on how to promote yourself
  • Tips on how to prepare for professional gigs
  • How to create a DJ Profile
  • Play your DJ Set in a club


2 months (3 days a week)

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