Spotify is a platform where music lovers can stream popular music and discover new artists as well. If you are a new artist, Spotify for Artists can help you to build a fanbase on their platform, gain insight about your fans, customize your presence and take control of your artist profile.

Tip – Download the desktop version of Spotify from their homepage instead of the app version as it is much more feature rich.

Here are some features of Spotify for Artists –

1. Getting verified – Getting verified on Spotify authenticates your profile to your fans. This means your profile gets a blue verification check mark. Previously, you needed to have at least 250 followers in order to get verified. However, that is no longer the case.

With Spotify for Artists, your profile gets verified automatically. Once you get verified, you can add or remove playlists that you create on your personal account from your artist page. However, if you want to create a new playlist or edit them, you have to access your personal account.

2. Getting insight on your fans – Spotify for Artists was previously known as ‘Fan Insights’. Since then many new features have been added. Some of these include playlisting information, improved audience insight, and song data. This will let your or your managers know which of your songs are trending, how your fans are discovering your songs and their age group.

This information may help you to pick new singles, route your next tour or even run promotional campaigns.

3. Advanced profile set up – Being verified on Spotify also lets you edit your public profile. This means you can directly edit your artist bio and change your artist image as often as you want.

Your artist bio has a limit of 1500 characters. It can include links to any playlists on Spotify, artists, albums or songs. If you have a Wikipedia page, you can even link to it. Just be sure to share your story or how you get your inspiration behind your songs. This will let you connect with your fans more deeply.

You can edit your bio whenever you want to edit update it.

4. Advanced image galleries – Adding custom images to your profile lets you create a unique identity and engage your fans. Spotify for Artists lets you add 125 images of your choice. These can be your official artist pictures, photos of you performing on a live setting, pics taken during a recording session and much more.

The choices are endless. The image dimension and format should be 690px x 500px, and jpeg, gif or png respectively.

5. Social media links – You can now link to your social media profiles from your artist page. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram along with Wikipedia are supported. This will let your fans discover you on other platforms and help you to increase your fan following.

6. Support for team members – Spotify for Artists also lets you add team members to your account so that they can help you to grow your career and support you along the way.

There are three access levels for team members – Full access, edit access, and view access. Full access is recommended for brand members and managers. Edit access is suitable for promoter, booking agent and publicist. View access should be given to producers and collaborators.