Ableton Live Music Production Course


Taught by award-winning Music Producers with experience of more than 20 years.

Course Content

The Ableton Live Interface

  • Session View and Arrangement View
  • Introduction to the Interface
  • Introduction to Live Projects
  • Live Library
  • Live Browser

Session View and Audio Clips

  • Audio Tracks and Clips in Session View
  • Clip View Properties
  • Clip Envelopes

Warping, Quantization and Grooves

  • Wrap Markers
  • Quantization
  • Applying Quantization to an Audio Clip

Arrangement View

  • Making an Arrangement with Session
  • Using Session View and Arrangement View
  • Editing in Arrangement View

Music Theory

  • Keyboard Layout
  • Octaves
  • Sharps and Flats
  • Middle C
  • Keyboard layout in an Ableton Live MIDI Clip
  • Intervals
  • Major Minor Scales
  • Inversions

Song Production

  • Creating beats
  • Creating a Chord Progression
  • Creating bass lines
  • Creating melodies, leads and pads
  • Editing in Arrangement View

Audio Effects

  • Types of Audio Effects
  • Insert Effects
  • Equalization (EQ)
  • Dynamic Compression
  • Saving Presets
  • Applying Audio Effects
  • Audio Effect Rack
  • Third-party Effects
  • Side Chaining
  • Master Track Effects
  • Other Audio Effects

Recording Audio

  • Recording Setting Up for Recording in Arrangement View
    • MIDI and Controllers

  • Internal & External MIDI
  • Setting Up MIDI Controllers
  • Making MIDI Clips
  • Instrument Racks
  • Drum Racks
  • MIDI Effects
  • MIDI Clips with Hardware Synths (External MIDI)

Mix and Automation in Live

  • Mix Automation in Arrangement View
  • Re-enable Automation Button
  • Mixing Tips
  • Master Track Plug-ins
  • Exporting Your Mix


3 months (3 days a week)


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