Many people who want to build a career in the music production industry often want to be a DJ or a music producer. If you are considering the same then you must understand the differences between DJ and Producer.

Read below to know the difference between a DJ and Producer.


The job of a DJ also known as a Disk Jockey is to mix and play pre-recorded music in front of a live audience. They usually perform at nightclubs, music festivals, corporate events, birthday parties, weddings etc. In order to do their job, they use professional DJ equipment like turntables, DJ CD player and mixer, controllers, and laptops etc.

These equipment help them to flawlessly transition between different tracks, perform beat-repeats, add tape-stop effects, add loops, spin records and much more. So, they are not actually producing music. They are working with existing music and adding their own style into the mix.

Anybody can be a good DJ if they have a good sense of rhythm and beats. However, to be a great DJ, you also need to engage your audience with a good selection of music and fill the party with a good vibe.

If you are a people person, love to spend time in nightclubs or parties, and consider yourself a good performer, then being a DJ can a good fit for your career.

Music producer

A music producer is someone who actually creates music from scratch. They are responsible for deciding the budget of the project, choosing the artists, designing the beat structure, adding the effects and sometimes even selecting the musical instruments. They do their work inside a music studio.

In order to do their job, music producers use the help of a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). A DAW is any software application or electronic device that lets people record, edit or produce audio files. The composition is recorded using MIDI controllers and all the editing is done inside the DAW software.

A DAW is also used to import various presets and fine-tune the final composition by mixing and mastering it. Some examples of popular DAW software include Ableton Live, FL Studio, Logic Pro and Pro Tools.

To be a good music producer, you need to have a good understanding of music theory, know how to play various musical instruments, be familiar with the popular DAWs and also know how to effectively manage the whole team.

To be a great music producer, you need to build experience in the industry, develop a good ear for music in order to differentiate between a good and a bad tune, and have an intuitive understanding of the various genres of music.


The job of a DJ and music producer are quite different. However, a DJ can also become a music producer and vice-versa. Some popular DJs who are also music producers include Martin Garrix, DJ Snake, Armin van Buuren, The Chainsmokers, Afrojack, Swedish House Mafia and many more.

No matter what your choice is, both of these are very fulfilling and rewarding career options.

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