Sound Engineers: What they do and how to become one in India

Sound Engineer: What It Is and What Kind Of Subspecialty Can One Work In

A sound engineer (also called an audio engineer) is trained in technicalities of recording, reproducing and mixing sound. Sound engineers are different from sound producers, formers and writers, dealing with the technical specifications of sound and music.

They don’t deal with anything else!

What’s The Primary Job Of A Sound (Audio) Engineer?

The sound engineer is responsible for all the technical specs of sound that relates to recording, reproducing and mixing. They often help musicians and record producers enhance the work they produce – to give it the sound they are looking to attain.

For instance, a sound engineer can add synthetic sounds to a track, auto-tune it or combine song parts and turn it into one piece.

Sound engineers are not the same as producers, but many further their careers by taking on the role. There are several sound engineering subfields that people can specialize in:

Studio Engineer – In this position, the studio engineer will work in close conjunction with the studio. It’s not uncommon for them to also work alone and as a producer.

Assistant Engineer – Here, the assistant engineer works in the studio underneath the guidance of the sound engineer. They are regarded as apprentices to audio engineers who work for a larger facility or who own the facility themselves.

Recording Engineer – For this position, the focus is primarily on the specifics of recording sound.

Game and Audio Design Engineer – This person is responsible for the sounds of video games and adding sound to the game when needed.

Mix Engineer – This person is responsible for mixing various tracks together to develop a brand new track and sound.

Mastering Engineer – In this position, the person must go over the mix engineer’s work and smooth it out. They help to create the final product consumers hear.

Live Sound Engineer – This person works during live events – concerts, festivals, etc. – to ensure high-quality sound and value.

Monitor Engineer – These individuals work with the live sound engineers to help performers hear themselves at live events.

Systems Engineer – This person is over the whole sound experience of live performances, and are responsible for ensuring monitor engineers and live sound engineers do their job properly. They work to put together an event’s whole live sound system.

Audio Post Engineer – This person will mix and edit audio for movies and television.

What Kind Of Work Environment Could Sound Engineers Expect?

The work environment of a sound engineer will vary based on the type of job they specialize in. After all, they could be employed at a music studio, television studio, film studio, tour crew, maintenance crew, theater, government office, auditorium, opera house, etc.

Sound engineers tend to work in a place that matches their personality, work ethic, subfield, experience, salary requirements and location. The great thing about audio engineers is that there is always a job open somewhere for them to work throughout the world.

Sound Engineering Courses in India

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