Being a DJ in India doesn’t mean just matching the beats or scratching over songs. You need to have a good understanding of music, beats, and rhythm. Being able to create a mix that your audience will love is not easy.
Due to the advances in technology, competition is increasing every day. You have to put in hours of practice in order to learn basic DJ skills. Then, you need to learn how to express your creativity in a way that sets you apart from the rest of the competition.

Let us look at the steps you need to take in order to become a successful DJ –

1. Decide the type of DJ you want to be

Club DJ – Club DJs perform according to the set standards of the club as every club is different and will have a different audience.

Mobile DJ – Mobile DJs need to learn how to perform solo, manage the crowd, plan the whole show and engage the audience by accepting requests.

Radio DJs – Radio DJs usually focus on music curation.

2. Learn to use a DJ software – The next step is to learn some basic DJ skills like beatmatching, phrasing, EQing, gain control, and for that, you need to learn how to use a DJ software. Some popular DJ software includes Serato DJ Pro, Rekordbox, Traktor Pro and Virtual DJ.

3. Learn to use the hardware – Once you learn how to use a DJ software you may want to try a DJ controller setup in order to get superior control. An all-in-one DJ controller can cost between Rs. 20000 to over Rs. 200000. However, you can also buy modular DJ controllers if you have specific needs.

CDJ setup is the industry standard and is most commonly used in festivals or at nightclubs. If you love to physically move the record, you may like a Vinyl setup. If you want to have more functionally, Timecode and HID setups will be perfect for you.

4. Record your first mix – After you get some self-confidence, it is time to record your first mix. You can use your laptop in order to record your tracks.

Try to imagine that you are in a live setting when recording so that you feel like you are telling a story. Incorporate a sense of direction in your track. Experiment with different options and determine beforehand how to want to start and finish your track.

5. Promote yourself – Once you record a few tracks, creating an online presence is the next step as it is critical for your success. Upload your best mixes on any music streaming website such as SoundCloud or MixCloud etc. Create social media accounts and share your mixes on your mixes in your profile.

The idea is to build your personal brand. So, keep busy, provide value and engage with your followers regularly.

6. Land your first DJ gig – The first DJ gig is the hardest to land. You are not popular yet and people are apprehensive of your skills. However, you should not give up. Perform at house parties and accept non-paying gigs in order to get some experience and get the word out.

You can also perform ‘warm up’ acts for local DJs. Eventually, people will start to notice you and you will land your first gig.

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