Serato Video DJ Course

Serato Video DJ Course

Learn more about the Serato Video DJ Course offered by Spin Gurus.

Video DJing in India has seen a growth in recent years. It's is a type of DJing that incorporates music videos into a set. While the DJ is playing, music videos that correspond to the song playing will play as the visuals behind them. Once the song transitions into another, the music video will do the same. Video DJing is a fun and unique way of using visuals in a set.

Introduction to Serato
Setting up the Hardware
Importing files to the Serato DJ Library
Analysing Crates, Playlist and iTunes Library
Detecting BPM, Track info using Crates
Different display modes
Introduction to Basic DJ Skills
Setting up the Cue Points
Add / Delete Cue Points
Auto Looping of Audio files
Manual Loop Roll
Manual Beat Matching
Simple, Smart & Tempo Sync
Activating Built in FX
Using Single, Multiple FX Modes
Recording Mixes
Setting up of Screen
Calibrating Decks
Launching Serato Video
Setting up the Video Output Window
Launching the Serato Video interface
Adding Video files to Serato DJ Library
Linking Up faders & Cross Faders
Creating & using Text Effect Animation
Video & Image Effects Overview
Advanced Troubleshooting
Video Formats and Codecs

Depends whether the student attends regular, alternate or weekend classes.

Please refer to our list of courses, duration, fee & installments and then submit your registration form personally at academy.
There are no compulsory qualifications required. If however, you have no formal qualifications do not be put off as some of our best students have been in the same position.
We welcome students from all ages, backgrounds and from all over the world. Some have absolutely no previous experience whilst others have already been employed as DJs. People choose to train with us for a variety of reasons, including kick-starting, consolidating or changing their career.
Courses are taught both in English and in Hindi. The student can choose his language of study
Spin Gurus offers hostel facilities for outstation and International students with comfortable, well-maintained AC and non-AC rooms with in-house dining facilities including breakfast, lunch and dinner.

All the rooms are equipped with, television set, desk and chair, storage, bed and bedding. High-speed Internet facilities and laundry services are also available and provided at a nominal charge.

No. It possibly helps to be musical, but is by no means essential.
No, we provide all the equipment you will need for your class and for practice time.
We are pleased to let you know that is a part of Spin Gurus and all our students are entitled to get special discount on DJ & Studio equipment.
Yes, a certificate will be awarded after successful completion of the course.
Yes absolutely! We provide special weekend classes for Working Professionals. Please contact us to see what timings are available.
Yes, we offer installment plans for all our courses. Please refer to the course prospectus to view the payment options available.
No formal entry requirements. No musical skills are required. We teach everything from the very beginning and assume no previous experience or knowledge from our students even if they have had some. This is because a lot of people in this field are self taught which often leads to gaping holes in their knowledge and understanding.
If you still have questions about anything, feel free to call or WhatsApp us at +91 9968422228 or mail us at