Beatport have made their LINK DJ steaming service available to the rekordbox Dj software by Pioneer DJ. This will enable users to tap into the more than six million tracks offered on the streaming service. Although the LINK DJ streaming service is available for other software programs, this would be the first program to let users store no more than 100 tracks in a locker for use offline.

This would eliminate the possible issue of internet connectivity errors.

Users who want to benefit from these tracks need to subscribe to Beatport LINK PRO+ sub model with a $59.99 per month cost. The cost offers a more than 320kbps bitrate streaming quality at 256kbps AAC – a format Apple uses for its iTunes downloads.

Robb McDaniels, Beatport CEO, said the majority of DJs are unable to easily stream music right into a club setup. However, the company’s offline locker technology lets these DJs store the desired tracks offline without the need of a Wi-Fi single. DJs can amass new tracks and combine the with download collections to use at gigs.

DJs can take advantage of the Beatport LINK for 30 days. The software can be used for freely throughout that the trial month. The software is only available on Mac devices. iOS users can visit the Pioneer DJs WeGo DJ app to use the program.